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Behavioural Workshops with Empowering Positive Futures Ltd, Based in Nuneaton

Empowering Positive Futures Ltd delivers behavioural workshops, bespoke business consultancy and more. Based in Nuneaton but providing services nationwide.  




Why Us?

Here at Empowering Positive Futures Ltd we empower organisations and people to create a successful future, we equip businesses and individuals with the tools to realise their potential, we enable everyone to be the best they can be and we develop sustainable processes by managing positive change.

Behaviour Workshops
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Behavioural Workshops

Our behavioural workshops teach you how to open your mind to a new level of self-awareness, in a way that is simple, powerful and effective. We provide you with the knowledge and power to transform your own performance, as well as that of others, at an accelerated pace. You will learn everything you need to improve behaviour, communication and relationships; allowing you to reach your full potential.

One-to-One Leadership Coaching

One-to-one leadership coaching aims to improve capability, confidence, behaviour and performance. In turn this creates high performing and inspirational leaders, able to motivate and get the best out of themselves and their team. The number of sessions and length of these will be tailored to your needs, however, we often start with four one-hour sessions for each leader, followed by a full write up.

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One-to-One Coaching
Business Team

Business Consultancy & Coaching

With our years of experience and vast knowledge in a variety of sectors, we can offer advice and guidance to a range of businesses. Whether you require consultancy relating to business strategy, resolving issues or adding value, we will create a bespoke plan for you. Get in touch to book your free initial enquiry, where we will discuss your needs. After our appointment we will draw up a personalised proposal for you before moving onto the next steps.

Project Management

Programme, Project and Change Management

Getting an outside perspective on a change, project or new process in your business can help you develop ideas further, realise your potential, empower you and your team to deliver results and create more effective ways of working. Choose us to provide expert advice, guidance and mentorship. Together we can make a difference and achieve your goals.


The coaching was very helpful. Having the right questions, it opened up my horizons to see the bigger picture. I have learned a lot of who I am and the potential I have. Somewhere down deep inside I knew I have it but it needed someone like you to help me bring it to the surface. 

Coaching Client

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